React Newsletter #193

Don't call a React function a component, what JavaScript is made of, and a review of 2019 in React


Don't call a React function component

In this article Kent breaks down the difference between React.createElement and calling a function component directly.

How to Handle Async Actions for Global State With React Hooks and Context

In this article, Daishi breaks down various patterns for handling async actions for global state in React.

A Year of React - 2019 in Review"

In this post, Kristofer goes through the year, highlighting some of the biggest new features and news stories of React in 2019. To finish it off, he's also found the recordings from some of his favorite React conferences!

What Is JavaScript Made Of? | Dan Abramov

In this article, Dan shares a compressed version of the mental model he's developed to give himself more confidence in his understanding of JavaScript. It’s structured like a glossary, with each topic getting a few sentences.

Create a React app from scratch with Webpack and Babel

This article will guide you through the process of creating a React app from scratch. It is meant for developers who want a better understanding of how tools like Babel, Webpack, DevServer, React, loaders, and presets make up a modern React app.


First mentored online software engineering bootcamp with job guarantee (Springboard)

Springboard is the first mentored online software engineering bootcamp to offer a job guarantee and deferred tuition. Pay as little as $700 upfront and no more until you get a job that pays at least $50k with deferred tuition. Benefit from 1:1 mentorship from senior developers, career coaching, and a unique curriculum that is filled with best-in-kind instructional content and project building. Springboard graduates work at Google, Facebook, Amazon and more with an average salary increase of $25,000.


Chrome Extension Starter Kit

Built with React, TypeScript, SCSS, Storybook, EsLint, Jest, Bootstrap, & Webpack.

Experiencer: an interactive resume editor made with React"

Experiencer is an intuitive, flexible HTML & CSS based resume editor written using React supporting rich text, icons, and multiple-column layouts. While it would help to have working knowledge of CSS, the templates and CSS editor make this a great way to sharpen up your CSS skills without racking your brain.


Learn React in 2020

A free youtube series for learning the fundamentals of React, in 2020.

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