React Newsletter #19

Discontinuing IE 8 support in React DOM, pure render performance anti-patterns, and Redux nowadays

Hi friends. Another week down and another "JavaScript sucks because churrnnnn" article was written. However, we think it's great since that churn is needed to get butter - and butter is delicious. Be kind to each other.


Discontinuing IE 8 Support in React DOM

"Starting with React v15, we're discontinuing React DOM's support for IE 8. We've heard that most React DOM apps already don't support old versions of Internet Explorer, so this shouldn't affect many people. This change will help us develop faster and make React DOM even better."


(A => B) !=> (B => A)

The documentation for componentWillReceiveProps states that componentWillReceiveProps will be invoked when the props change as the result of a re-render. Some people assume this means "if componentWillReceiveProps is called, then the props must have changed". In this article, Jim Sproch explain why that's not the case and why componentWillReceiveProps was set up that way.

Pure render performance anti-patterns

Pure render optimized React components can be extremely performant but they require users to treat their data as immutable for it to work properly. Unfortunately due to nature of Javascript it can be quite challenging sometimes. In this article, Esa-Matti walks through common antipatterns to avoid when using Pure components in React.

Redux nowadays : From actions creators to sagas

If you are using Redux, but still find yourself confused sometimes don't worry, you're not alone. Riad Benguella shares with us the benefits of using sagas inside Redux applications to reduce your code's cognitive load.

Quora - How does React-JS compare to Angular 2

As dev teams debate on which technology stack to use, understanding the pros / cons of using Angular or React is imperative for making a good decision. Jonathan Grover breaks it down for us on Quora. He and a litany of other responders shine light on different aspects of each framework.


A gentle introduction to React Motion

If you're wanting elegant animations in your React application, no tool does it better than React Motion. However, you may have noticed learning the API for React Motion can be a bit difficult when you're first starting out. In this post, Nash Vail wanted to more easily bridge this gap so he decided to write this very well written tutorial.

React Webpack cookbook

The Webpack docs can be a bit...daunting. Luckily for us the React Webpack cookbook exists. In this free ebook, you'll walk through the fundamentals of React as well as a more beginner friendly introduction to Webpack. If Webpack still confuses you, take an afternoon and work through this ebook.

Om Next for React devs: Introduction and project setup

This is a series of articles on developing web applications in ClojureScript with Om Next. It is based on official Om Next tutorial, but targets JavaScript developers. It’s also an introduction into the language.


React / ES6 cheatsheet PDF

If you're coming from an HTML-centric framework, React can seem a little daunting. Overcoming the learning curve is even easier now with James K Nelson's React / ES6 cheatsheet!

Internationalization and React

As web applications are becoming more client side heavy, frontend developers are finding that they have to handle problems which were previously handled by backend services. Things like performance, accessibility, and internationalization. The Sentry explain how they solved their internationalization issues with React.

Redux Sagas

Yassine Elouafi has written a library named redux-sagas which is an alternative Side Effect model for Redux applications. Sagas seek to reduce the complexity of your Redux code.

WYSIWYG Editor for React

Let's face it, sometimes writing markup is a pain, and even though my dad's personal website back in 2001 said "WYSIWYG is for amateurs" at the bottom someone put together this sweet wysiwyg for throwing together react components all quick like. So try it out and stop giving in to your parents unrealistic expectations.

Notes for's Redux Series

At this point you've most likely heard of Dan Abramo's Redux Lessons on Egghead. Well Diego Concha spent some time compiling a list of notes for every one of those lessons. So if you've seen the lessons, or even if you haven't, these notes are a great compilation of the fundamentals of Redux.

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