React Newsletter #185

Experimenting with React concurrent mode, building React in 90 lines of JavaScript, and UI testing with React


Building Great User Experiences with Concurrent Mode and Suspense

In this article, Joseph Savona (from the Relay team) introduces best practices for using Concurrent Mode and Suspense. Like Dan's project, this post is most relevant to people working on data fetching libraries in React."

Experimenting React Concurrent mode

In this article, Swizec Teller writes about his early experiments with Concurrent mode and React Suspense and discusses what new abilities this update unlocks for developers.

Build your own React in 90 lines of JavaScript

When Ameer started learning React, he felt whatever it did was pure magic, then he started to wonder what were the actual ingredients of this magic. He started to freak out when he realized whatever React does is very simple and you can build it with few lines of JavaScript if you are not betting on it for our next big startup. This is what has motivated him to write this article and hopefully after reading this, you will also feel the same way.


Workshops at React Day Berlin

Do you see yourself building awesome apps and leading exciting projects? Then you’d better not miss React Day Berlin workshops on Dec 4 and 5, 2019. The conf's pro instructors will help you boost up your skills and show you new dimensions of JavaScript problem-solving. Learn more here


Modern full stack CMS. Built with GraphQL, AWS Amplify, and Serverless technologies.

React Query Library

This is a library of Hooks for fetching, caching, and updating asynchronous data in React.

Suspense Demo for Library Authors | Dan Abramov

This project is built with Suspense and is meant to demonstrate render-as-you-fetch. In Dan's own words: "It is highly experimental and primarily aimed at library authors!"


UI Testing with React, Mirage, Jest and Testing Library

This 30-minute video goes over some of the basics of writing UI tests for an existing React application using Jest, Testing Library, and Mirage (an API mocking library).

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