React Newsletter #182

Announcing Ionic React, how Instagram uses Redux to improve performance, and how to authenticate with Next.js and Auth0


Announcing Ionic React

In this post, Max Lynch (Ionic CEO) announces the general availability of Ionic React, a native React version of Ionic Framework that allows developers to build apps for iOS, Android, Desktop, and the web as a Progressive Web App. Max dives into the details of why Ionic chose to go in this direction and what it could mean for React devs going forward.

How Instagram uses Redux to Improve Performance

This is the third part in a series of blog posts by Instagram engineer Glenn Conner on steps the Instagram team took to improve the speed and performance of the app. This post specifically discusses how they use Redux to manage state on Instagram.

Migrating a 50K SLOC Flow + React Native app to TypeScript

After porting a 50K SLOC Flow + React Native app to TypeScript, Adam shares the process, experience, and results.

How to Authenticate with Next.js and Auth0: A Guide for Every Deployment Model

In this article, Sandrino Di Mattia (Senior Engineering Manager at Auth0) explains how (and where) to authenticate your user in the different deployment models that exist for Next.js.

Lifting state up is killing your React app

How could it be possible that one of the 12 main concepts listed in React official documentation might lead to poor performance? This (controversial) article considers a situation when it’s indeed the case.


The Hands-on Guide to Learning React Hooks

This guide serves as an exhaustive resource on the built-in Hooks that are now part of React. Read all about them as we comprehensively cover: State and Effects, Context, Reducers, and Custom React Hooks. Start learning today.


Building a Full-Stack App with Serverless and React is a comprehensive, open source guide for building full-stack apps with Serverless and React on AWS. The new edition of the guide has been updated to use React Hooks and it also features a section on the best practices for building Serverless apps.

Full-Page React Transitions

A library of 21 full-page React Router transitions.

Traveling Salesman Problem Visualizer

This project uses React Hooks to create an interactive solver for the Traveling Salesman Problem that visualizes how different algorithms would solve the problem. Each step of progress is drawn to the map in real time and can be controlled in the browser at the link provided.

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