React Newsletter #181

Reasons to learn Redux, design systems for developers, intro to SVG for React developers


Reasons to learn Redux as a JavaScript Developer

Whether Redux stays with us for a few more years or makes place for other state management libraries, it leaves a great legacy on how we develop modern web applications. This article dives into why you should (still) learn Redux.

Design Systems for Developers

A guide that teaches professional developers how to transform component libraries into design systems and set up the production infrastructure used by leading frontend teams


Intro to SVG for React Developers

From simple glyphs to complex visualizations, you can use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to create reusable React components that render precise vector graphics, all without any additional libraries or tools. This tutorial shows how to build a colorful spinning loading indicator, a Spinner React component, using some very simple SVG markup.


The Hands-on Guide to Learning React Hooks

This guide serves as an exhaustive resource on the built-in Hooks that are now part of React. Read all about them as we comprehensively cover: State and Effects, Context, Reducers, and Custom React Hooks. Start learning today.


UseAnimations – React micro-animations library

React-useanimations is a collection of free animated open source icons for React.js.

React Meetup Online - October 2019

Routing in a React application is usually straightforward and easy until it's not. Creating and maintaining a modular routing pattern can ease the challenges that occur when the application grows larger and the routes that you have to manages increases like the speed of light. How can you maintain a clean and modular routing pattern to simplify development? In this free, online meetup, you'll answer that question by looking at a real world situation and applying the concepts you'll learn to it.

React Animated Icons Library: react-useanimations"

React-useanimations is a collection of free, animated, open-source icons for React.

React Async v9 and beyond

The latest version of React Async brings support for Suspense. But perhaps the greatest development is that it's now a community project with financial backing. Async Library has some very ambitious goals and is looking for more collaborators.


Liquid Swipe - “Can it be done in React Native?

In this video, you'll build the Liquid Swipe example from Cuberto in React Native.

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