React Newsletter #174

Why React hooks, Using TypeScript with React, and Logi-less JSX


Why React Hooks?

When React Hooks were released, React was the most popular and most loved front-end framework in the JavaScript ecosystem. In this post, you'll learn why, despite existing praise, the React team dedicated so many resources to creating and releasing Hooks. Along the way, you'll also get a soft introduction to the main aspects of the Hooks API.

Using TypeScript with React

This post is based on a talk Simon gave at the React JS & React Native Bonn Meetup. It aims to answer the following questions:

  • What’s TypeScript?
  • How can I use it with React?
  • Why should I (not) use it?

Logic-less JSX"

JSX code can become messy and hard to read as components grow. This article presents some approaches to extract the logic away from it and keep it simple.


Animating a Canvas with React Hooks

A recent React-based client project of Pete's required an HTML5 canvas animation. Already knee-deep in the new React hooks API, he decided to forgo the “traditional” technique of using componentDidMount and componentWillUnmount in a class-based component, and try his hand at rendering and animating a canvas using React’s new useEffect hook. This tutorial walks through the process.


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A demonstration and starting point for applications using Next.js + Apollo GraphQL (hooks) + Prisma / GraphQL Yoga + JWT for authentication, and deploying to


Realigning Your Model of React After Hooks - With Dan Abramov

In this podcast episode, Kent Dodds and Dan Abramov talk about the ways in which you'll have to reconstruct your mental model of how React works in order to get the hang of hooks, and how hooks more closely align with React's intended model.

Professional React Developer Performs Code Review

In this video, a professional React developer reviews a novice developer's React to-do App. He gives his opinion on the style, functionality and features of their code and provides feedback and suggestions on how to write better code.

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