React Newsletter #168

React Native 0.60, learning React hooks with a recipe search app, and the best React open source projects


Announcing React Native 0.60

After months of hard work from hundreds of contributors, the React Native Core team is proud to announce the release of version 0.60. This release handles significant migrations for both Android and iOS platforms, and many issues are resolved too. This blog post covers the highlights of the release.

Submit a talk to React Advanced Conference (Oct 25, London)

Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL or Reason, and ready to show the world? The ecosystem and the community have grown dramatically in the past few years, and so did complexity of web. React Advanced is looking for speakers to guide the conf audience through the new React jungle.


Let's learn React Hooks and Context API by building a Recipe Search App

This is a beginner tutorial in understanding React Hooks and the Context API. This will be in two parts with this first part focusing on the basics of hooks. The other part will hopefully focus more on more advanced use cases and the Context API. You'll implement the search functionality and convert to using the Context API for managing states and avoiding props drilling."

Best React open-source projects

It is no secret that every great developer should be committed to open source projects. It is useful for personal professional development as well as for the technology ecosystem. But how do you choose the right project for your spare time efforts? In this article, you'll get a brief answer on how to choose a good open source project.



Transform Dribbble designs to React-Native code and YouTube video tutorials.


Custom hook to bridge Custom Elements (Web Components) to React.


React hook usePosition() allows you to fetch client's browser geolocation and/or subscribe to all further geolocation changes.


Speed coding Tinder in 60 minutes

Speed coding Tinder in 60 minutes using React. This is a basic create react app setup, no funny business, just standard JavaScript functions! The most complexity you will see within this React application (strictly speaking JavaScript here...) is probably .filter() which is just a filtering mechanism within JavaScript, apart from that everything is smooth sailing!

Form Validation made easy with Hooks

If you have 5 different forms in your app, do you really want to waste time rewriting similar stateful logic over and over again? What if you could write it once, pull it into a function, and apply it everywhere throughout your app? Custom React hooks make your code much more readable, way less redundant, and the same functionality is achieved with less code! And it can be applied to way more than forms as well.

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