React Newsletter #164

Best practices for large scale React apps, Urql grows up, and the state of React


Best practices for building a large scale react application

While making a Single Page App with React, it is very easy for your code-base to become unorganized. There are many good libraries in the React ecosystem that can be used to manage certain aspects of the app, this article covers some of them in depth. Other than that, it lists some good practices to follow from the beginning of the project if you have scalability in mind

Urql, Grown Up

Early 2018 the Formidable team released the first version of their minimalist GraphQL client urql. For the last year, they’ve been rethinking, rearchitecting, and rebuilding the core of the library, and a few months ago they silently launched urql v1.0. Today, with the release of the new documentation site, they’re happy to call urql a stable, production-ready GraphQL client library for both small and large React applications.

React: Optimize Components with React.memo, useMemo, and useCallback

In most cases, React performance is not something you need to worry about. The core library does a ton of work under the hood to make sure everything is rendering efficiently. However, occasionally you can run into scenarios where your components are rendering more often than they need to and slowing your site down. This article looks at some solutions.


Ask Dan

If you have a question about the future of React, you can ask Dan in this Twitter thread.

React Lightbox

Fullscreen Lightbox is plugin for displaying images and videos in clean overlaying box.


Scheduling is the Future

With Fiber, React has embraced a scheduling-first approach. This has enabled features like time slicing and Suspense–but at what cost? Is scheduling just a workaround for React being too slow? This talk will dive into the answers to those questions (and more), outlining the importance of scheduling not just to React but to the web in general.

The State of React

In this talk from the recent React Europe, Jared breaks down the current state of React as well as what the expect in the future.

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