React Newsletter #160

Microsoft launches REact Native for Windows, 5 things you don't know about React DevTools, and building performant React apps


Microsoft launches React Native for Windows

Microsoft today announced a new open-source project for React Native developers who want to target Windows. “React Native for Windows,” as the project is unsurprisingly called, is meant to be a new ‘performance-oriented’ implementation of React for Windows under the MIT License.


5 things you didn’t know about React DevTools

The React DevTools is one of the most important tools for any React developer. This article does a deep dive into some of the more advanced features of the extension, and looks at what features we can expect from the future.

What I wish I knew when I started to work with React.js

After its initial release on May 29, 2013, React.js has taken over the internet. It’s not a secret that myself and many other developers owe their success to this amazing framework. With Medium so full of React.js tutorials, David wishes one of them would have told him of these tips when he started.


Build performant React apps

Official advice from Chrome DevRel on building performant and progressive React applications.


Introducing Elastic Search UI

Search UI is a new open-source JavaScript library that allows you to add search to a website or web app with a few lines of code. It supports any search API, is easily customizable, and includes all of the components needed for a complete search experience; a search bar, search suggestions autocomplete, and results pages with dynamic filters. More info.



Free React Dashboard made with Material UI's components, React and create-react-app to boost your app development process.


At F8 2019: The Current State of React and React Native

On this special episode of The Diff, Instagram software engineer Kathryn, and React Native engineering manager, Kevin, join Joel on our final live broadcast from the F8 2019 conference to discuss the current state of React and React Native. Learn why React Hooks is such a big deal, how React and React Native cooperate on roadmaps, and about some of the exciting new features for both.

Intro to React Hook

A hands-on tutorial on how to create a simple functional React component using React Hooks from Facebook's f8 developer conference.

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