React Newsletter #16

How to use classes and sleep at night, migrating to ES6 with Babel and ESLint, and building a basic mobile Imgur app for iOS and Android with React Native


How to Use Classes and Sleep at Night

If you've been following the JavaScript community at all the last few weeks you're aware that a civil war uprose about using Classes in JavaScript. In this article, Dan breaks down the pros and cons of classes in JavaScript in a logical and reasonable manner.


React and Flux: Migrating to ES6 with Babel and ESLint

If your dev team is still avoiding ES6, read this article and make the jump. In this article Aaron will guide you through common pitfalls when jumping to ES6 with React.

Building a Basic Mobile Imgur Application for iOS and Android with React Native

This article walks through building an Imgur mobile application in React Native. It also has an extra bit on custom pagination for horizontal ScrollView.


Khan Academy Style Guide

Khan Academy is a big proponent of React. Here's their style guide they use for their React.js code.

React Cheat Sheet

A filterable React.js Cheatsheet with basic examples.

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