React Newsletter #157

6 tips for better React performance, a deep dive on how React hooks really work, and a closer look at React Memoize Hooks


6 tips for better React performance

This article walks through 6 tips for improving your React app's performance.

  • Utilize render bail-out techniques\r\n+ Avoid inline objects\r\n+ Avoid anonymous functions
  • Lazy load components that are not instantly needed
  • Tweak CSS instead of forcing a component to mount & unmount
  • Memoize expensive calculations

Deep dive: How do React hooks really work?

In this article, you'll reintroduce closures by building a tiny clone of React Hooks. This will serve two purposes – to demonstrate the effective use of closures, and to show how you can build a Hooks clone in just 29 lines of readable JS. Finally, you'll arrive at how Custom Hooks naturally arise.

A Closer Look at React Memoize Hooks: useRef, useCallback, and useMemo

As the title suggests, this post takes a deep dive into what Christian is calling the "Memoize hooks", useRef, useCallback, and useMemo.

React Hooks - A deeper dive featuring useContext and useReducer

The main purpose of this article is to help you get an understanding of useContext and useReducer and how they can work together to make React applications and their state management clean and efficient.


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A tiny 1KB alternative to React Router (with Hooks!)


React hook for making isomorphic http requests.

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