React Newsletter #156

Building an iMessage extension for a React Native mobile app, using React hooks to create awesome forms, and React universal routing


We built an iMessage Extension for our React Native-based mobile app — now you can too

A step-by-step guide to building an iMessage extension by writing a bridge for a React Native-based mobile app. This approach took around two weeks to explore and might save you significant time if you have a similar intention.

From Redux to Hooks: A Case Study

After several years of using Redux for most of his projects, Sergey decided to try the useReducer/useContext approach instead. Here is what he learned.


Using React Hooks To Create Awesome Forms

Learn how to build custom React Hooks and use them to create great forms.

React Universal Routing

How to implement React universal routing on your own with this double routing approach.



WebpackOps is a webpack bundle visualization, optimization and customization tool that helps developers streamline the size of their webpack bundle through customized plugin selection and webpack config file generation.


An automatic Redux reducer, taking the pain out of Redux.


React Typescript Tutorial - Why and How

Get started the right way with using Typescript with React which will boost your productivity and reduce the amount of time wasted by small run time errors

React Podcast #42: Build Dumb Stuff with Sara Vieira

Sara is a developer on the beloved CodeSandbox app. She's worked for years as a developer advocate, giving brilliant talks across the world, and building some of the wildest sites on the web.

Chantastic asks her about succeeding against mental illness, how she achieved meme status, why we should "build dumb stuff", and what the heck a developer advocate does.

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