React Newsletter #155

JavaScript inheritance vs. composition, how to avoid the 'Boolean Trap' when designing React components, and the new React Native architecture explained


JavaScript Inheritance vs Composition

You've probably heard that you should favor composition over inheritance. This post breaks down why that is by looking at where inheritance breaks down and composition shines.

How to Avoid the “Boolean Trap” When Designing React Components

What's wrong with this code?

<Button primary>Primary</Button>

<Button secondary>Secondary</Button>

<Button danger>Danger</Button>

Read the article and find out.

The New React Native Architecture Explained

First announced in 2018, the React Native re-architecture is a massive effort Facebook undertook to address some long-standing issues of this cross-platform mobile solution. In this series, Lorenzo will give an overview of the main elements that comprise React Native’s new structure.



Collection of pre-styled JSX elements based on the HTML Form Elements. Offers an easy way to collect form data and/or input values.

A pixel-perfect recreation of Windows XP, written in React (with hooks)

Because, why not? 🤷‍♂️


Majestic is a zero config GUI for Jest.


Scoped Styles for React lets you write encapsulated css scoped by component directory. Use local and global classes with zero runtime cost and no class imports.

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