React Newsletter #154

react-redux v7 beta, building a real-time collaborative beatbox with React & GraphQL, and writing resilient components


react-redux v7.0.0-beta

React-Redux version 7 resolves the performance issues that were reported with version 6, and lays the groundwork for them to design and ship a public useRedux()-type Hooks API in a later 7.x release.


Building a Real-time Collaborative Beatbox with React & GraphQL

How Nader used GraphQL Subscriptions to build HypeBeats — a real-time collaborative beatbox with React Hooks Drum Machine & GraphQL

Forget React Router: Modern and clean routing with hooks

A quick experiment about using hooks for routing in a react app turned out to be very flexible and powerful. This post breaks down that experiment and the routing hook that came out of it.

Writing Resilient Components

In this post Dan Abramov breaks down his tips for writing resilient components.

  • Don’t stop the data flow
  • Always be ready to render
  • No component is a singleton
  • Keep the local state isolated

React Component Types: A complete Overview

Even though React hasn't introduced a lot of breaking changes since it has been released 2013, different React Component Types emerged over time. A few of these component types and component patterns are still used nowadays – they are the status quo of how React applications are built – whereas several of them are only seen in older applications/tutorials. In this guide, Robin gives React beginners an historical overview of different React Components and React Patterns.


Build an AI-Powered Artistic Style Transfer App with Fritz and React Native

In this post you'll learn to build an AI Powered Image Styling app using React Native & Fritz SDK in ~20minutes. You can also learn to train your own styling model.



React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization.

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