React Newsletter #152

Storybook 5.0, scheduling in React, and how function components are different from classes


Storybook 5.0

Storybook 5.0 was just released. Here's the feature list:

  • Complete overhaul of Storybook’s developer experience
  • Theme-ready component library
  • Evolved front-end architecture for add-ons
  • Brand new Storybook website


Scheduling in React

In modern applications, user interfaces often have to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. This post walks through how event prioritization works today and React's plans for improving it in the future.

How Are Function Components Different from Classes?

How do React function components differ from React classes? In this post, Dan breaks down that question and sheds some important insights about Hooks.


useTypescript — A Complete Guide to React Hooks and TypeScript

This article will show the changes to TypeScript integration with React and how to add types to hooks as well as your own custom hooks.

Building a Swipeable List with React

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a react list component where each element can be swiped to trigger an action.

Publish a react component as npm module

If you've ever wanted to publish a React component to NPM without using Webpack, this is for you.


Webpack Bundle Analysis, On Every Pull Request

Track your webpack bundle over time, optimize your individual assets, and bring this data right into your GitHub pull requests. Never wonder how your code changes will affect your asset profile again. Check it out


Tips & Tricks for Gatsby

If you use Gatsby in any capacity, this is a fantastic list of tips to level up your game.


Add support for React Hooks in your class components. Live your own life and break the rules.

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