React Newsletter #151

React gets translated, getting hooked on React Hooks, and using custom React Hooks to simplify forms


Reactathon Conference San Francisco

Reactathon is back for 2019 and bigger than ever! Over 2 days, connect with engineers passionate about React and hear from speakers including Ken Wheeler, Jen Luker, Lee Byron, Emily Plummer, Swyx Wang and more! Tickets are nearly sold out, so get your tickets today.

Is React Translated Yet? ¡Sí! Sim! はい! – Official React Blog

The React team is excited to announce an ongoing effort to maintain official translations of the React documentation website into different languages. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of React community members from around the world, React is now being translated into over 30 languages! Here's the full list.

Focus Management RFC

This RFC proposes adding a builtin FocusScope component and FocusManager API to react-dom, along with internal logic to properly manage focus in React applications. Along with focus scopes declared in the application, it will take into consideration portals and other React concepts which may cause the React tree and the DOM tree to differ in relation to focus management.


Getting Hooked on React Hooks

This article is a comprehensive dive into the new Hooks API with some pretty decent humor.

Accessibility is not a “React Problem”

Every few months, it seems like there’s a revival of the Twitter War™ about JavaScript libraries and accessibility. React is a common target, with developers naming a litany of issues. While these are valid concerns, it should be noted that nothing in React prevents us from building accessible web apps. This article goes over why that's true.


Using Custom React Hooks to Simplify Forms

This article covers using custom React Hooks to build forms that require half the code to write, are reusable, and are much easier to read.

Entire Hooks codebase reconstructed from minifier output

If you want to get a really solid understanding of Hooks, Dan reconstructed the minified Hooks codebase and stripped out the dev warnings. It comes in at roughly 450 lines of code.


Build a secure, scalable blockchain app in 60 minutes

With Blockstack, you can rapidly build secure decentralized apps that protect your users data and offload backend setup and costs. Try the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial or browse a new world of apps for inspiration.



A powerful and elegant alternative for all your tooltips and menu needs.

  • Different Types - For every use context: Choose between Hoverable, Static & Alert tooltips.

  • Fully Customizable - Easily change default settings via props

  • Reliable Positioning - Align your tooltip to your target element with ease

  • Advanced Customization - Add your own animations and styles via separate CSS files

react-three-fiber - React-fiber renderer for THREE.js

React-three-fiber is a small React renderer for THREE-js. Regular THREE can sometimes produce rather complex code due to everything being non-reactive, mutation and imperative layout-inflating.

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