React Newsletter #150

The Ionic React beta, progressive React, and Navi as an alternative to React Router


Announcing the Ionic React Beta

Ionic React is now available in beta. This article will help you understand more about this release and how to get started building with Ionic and React.

Progressive React

Want to make your React site more performant? Here's a quick checklist:

  1. Measure component-level rendering performance with either of the following: Chrome DevTools Performance panel
  2. Minimize unnecessary component re-renders
  3. Measure app-level performance with Lighthouse
  4. Improve app-level performance

This article breaks that list down.

We migrated to Next.js to serve our home page 7.5× faster

Manifold migrated their home page from a basic React boilerplate (React Boilerplate) to Next.js, a progressive web app framework for React. They made no other changes, and the switch was basically invisible. The load times were better than they expected—this post breaks it down.


Navi: An Alternative to React-Router

Declarative, asynchronous routing for React.\r\n\r\nUse functions, promises and async/await to map URLs to data and views. Use asynchronous data in your components, without touching component state. Pre-render for SEO — without ejecting from create-react-app!\r\n\r\nNavi is modern router for React that uses Suspense, Hooks and function composition to make real-world routing simple.

React Loop - The First Chicago ReactJS Conference

React Loop is a single day ReactJS conference bringing together a diverse and inclusive group of React enthusiasts from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Speakers will cover topics such as React, React Native, and the related tools in the ever-growing React ecosystem.


Worldview is a lightweight, extensible 2D and 3D scene renderer built on React and regl. Performance, ease of use, and extensibility are top priorities.


ReactN is a extension of React that includes global state management.

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