React Newsletter #15

Container components, full-stack Redux tutorial, and React Native for web


Container Components

This article is a bit old but it's great if you haven't read it or it's been a while since you first read it. Michael walks through the importance of having 'container components' in your app, or separating components which fetch data from those that present data.


Full-Stack Redux Tutorial

If you've read any of Tero's books or articles, you already know he puts tons of effort into his writings. This article is no different. In this article (which arguably could be considered an ebook), Tero walks through a test first approach to building an app with Redux, React, and Immutable.


React Native for Web

Do you use react-native for your apps in production? Well, maybe you also have a web version of them as an admin panel or just to reuse your codebase on android, windows phone, web app or firefox os? Well, what if I told you that you can convert your react-native version to the web and have a basic web-based version up and running for free without code changes? That could sound cool, but let's discover more about it!


React CSS Modules implement automatic mapping of class names to CSS modules. Every CSS class is assigned a local-scoped identifier with a global unique name. CSS Modules enable a modular and reusable CSS!

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