React Newsletter #147

Don't eject your Create React App, functional programming fundamentals, building an async form validation library in ~100 lines of code with React hooks


Enable hooks! - Pull Request #14679

Hooks are now officially merged into React. Once the next release goes out they'll be live.


Don’t eject your Create React App

You may have wanted to eject from your app created with Create React App before. In this article, Adam proposes a few alternatives to help you be better informed about the decision.

Functional Programming Fundamentals

In the past few years, React and Redux have generated a surge of Functional Programming which we often take for granted. However many of us never got a chance to learn the fundamentals. In this post, you’ll cover the fundamentals of Functional Programming and how they apply to modern JavaScript. You’ll also avoid unnecessary jargon like monads and functors and stick to concepts that will make our code better.


How I built an async form validation library in ~100 lines of code with React Hooks

Form validation can be a tricky thing. There are a surprising number of edge cases as you get into the guts of a form implementation. In this post Austin walks through how he built his own using React Hooks.

Hooks at a Glance

With Hooks coming out presumably in the next week, here's the best place to dive into them.


Pagedraw: a UI builder for React web apps

Pagedraw is a UI builder for React web apps. It works like a Sketch or Figma style design tool, but emits good quality JSX code.

Shards Dashboard - React

A free React admin dashboard template pack featuring a modern design system and lots of custom templates and components.


A draggable toggle-switch component for React.

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