React Newsletter #145

The React Native community in 2018, linked lists in the wild with React Hooks, and deploying your own blog with create-react-blog


The State of the React Native Community in 2018

What happened with React Native in 2018 as well as their plans for the future.


Linked lists in the wild: React Hooks

Ever wonder where Linked Lists are being used in the wild? Turns out our very own React Hooks uses them under the hood. This article breaks it down.


Find A Job Through Vettery

Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies seeking React devs. Get Started



A React-GraphQL Developer Tool that lets you to visualize your React component hierarchy and state/prop changes, and log GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations in real-time.


Start and deploy your own statically rendered blog with create-react-app

React Async

A React component for declarative promise resolution and data fetching. Leverages the Render Props pattern and Hooks for ultimate flexibility as well as the new Context API for ease of use. Makes it easy to handle loading and error states, without assumptions about the shape of your data or the type of request.

React With Gesture

Bread and butter utility for component-tied mouse/touch gestures in React.

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