React Newsletter #142

Imperative vs declarative programming, 5 analogies that explain what Gatsby can do for you, and rendering a sidebar with React Router v4


In last week's newsletter we mentioned that Redux 6.0 was released. Turns out that's #fakenews. React-Redux 6.0 was released, not Redux. Sorry Mark and team!


Imperative vs Declarative Programming

React is declarative, but what does that even mean? In this post you'll learn the difference between imperative and declarative code and why declarative code means more than just "good"

5 analogies that explain what Gatsby can do for you

Gatsby does an incredible amount of cool stuff for you, automatically. This makes Gatsby an incredibly powerful, versatile tool. However, this broad depth of functionality can make it difficult to explain what Gatsby does in a concise and approachable way. This post aims for the latter — an approachable explanation of what Gatsby does using a series of analogies that others have found helpful.

Why you should use GatsbyJS to build static sites

This article shows off why Gatsby has gained popularity. If you’re already using it, you’ll get a better idea of the features that you could put to use for an even greater development experience.

Rendering a Sidebar or Breadcrumbs with React Router v4

When building an app with React Router, often you'll want to implement a sidebar or breadcrumb navbar. In this post you'll learn how that's done with React Router by breaking down the Sidebar example from the React Router documentation.


CSS-in-JS or CSS-and-JS (Can we all just get along?)

A simple demo built twice, with CSS-in-JS and without, to show how one might make the same thing, but in different ways. No matter which approach you choose, the important thing is to keep building and learning.

A React Christmas is back for its second consecutive year, with bite-sized articles about a slew of different topics in React. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve, you get a 2-5 minute article where you'll hopefully learn something new. The topics aren't very advanced, but great for beginners or intermediate React-developers.

Navi: SEO & routing with vanilla create-react-app

Introducing Navi, a React Router with:

  • Built-in async loading transitions
  • A dead-simple API
  • Static rendering with vanilla create-react-app


Shows the price of your services in the customer's currency. 💶💷💵💴


Live intro to React Hooks and Suspense

An introduction to React Hooks and React Suspense. You'll build a React application, utilizing these new and upcoming React features.

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