React Newsletter #14

Single state tree + flux, state management with Redux, and testing React


Single State Tree + Flux

Ever thought of managing your entire application state in a single tree? Merrick has, and he loves it. In this post Merrick explains why he came to this conclusion as well as how Redux helps him accomplish this approach.

State Management with Redux

You've probably noticed a trend in the React world lately. Everyone is talking about Redux. There's a reason for this. In this post, Brandon talks about his frustrations with state management before Redux and how Redux is changing the way we think about managing our state.


Testing React: Tool Implementation

React is the first JavaScript framework that Brian has enjoyed writing tests for. In this article, Brian will walk you through setting up your testing toolchain using Gulp so that you can constantly run your tests during development.


Jessica Kerr - Functional Principles In React

Functional programming is once again making it's way into the limelight. In this talk, Jessica walks through why that is and how to better use functional programming techniques in your React codebase.

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