React Newsletter #139

An introduction to Hooks in Reat, a guide to custom elements for React developers, and how we got here with React Hooks


An Introduction to Hooks in React

If you've been reading Twitter you probably are aware that Hooks are a new feature of React, but you might be asking how do we actually use them? In this post, we're going to show you a bunch of examples on how to use hooks.

A Guide to Custom Elements for React Developers

Why React Hooks, and how did we even get here?

This post takes a historical approach to talking about Hooks by first talking about Mixins, HOCs, and Render Props first.


React Render Props

In this post we're going to look at a pattern for accomplishing code reuse amongst components in a React app, Render Props.

Building a Serverless Stripe Analytics Dashboard

This tutorial walks through building a serverless Stripe dashboard from scratch with Cube.js. By serverless, they mean that you don’t need to have a server to run your dashboard, all you need to do is host your static React app. In this tutorial, you’ll host it on AWS S3, but you can host it on any other static hosting, like Netlify.


react-beautiful-dnd v10

react-beautiful-dnd v10 was just released. 30% faster, smarter collision engine, more robust keyboard movement system and more new features.


A babel plugin which compiles React.js components into native DOM instructions to eliminate the need for the react library at runtime.


Talks Worth Watching

Here's a curated list of Adam's favorite talks from React Conf with an explanation of why you might want to watch them (in no particular order).

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