React Newsletter #137

TypeScript support, React hooks demystified, and a simple intro to React hooks


TypeScript support

Create React App now supports TypeScript.


React Hooks Demystified

There's no better way to learn how something works than to re-create it and this article does exactly that with a simple implementation of the new React Hooks API.

A Simple Intro to React Hooks

This is a fantastic introduction to dives into both the "why" and "what" behind React's new Hooks API.

Making Sense of React Hooks

If you're feeling even a little overwhelmed by the new Hooks proposal, read this post. Dan breaks down why Hooks came to be and the most common misconceptions others are having about them.

So What’s New in React v16.6?

This is a good article summarizing all the new features of React 16.6 including React.memo, React.lazy, static contextTypes and more.



A collection of awesome React hooks resources.

The Platform

Browser API's turned into React Hooks and Suspense-friendly React elements for common situations.


react-passage: Link and Redirect to routes safely in your react applications

Passage helps when linking or redirecting to routes that may or may not be in your react app. The idea is simple: Wrap Passage around your routes so it knows what routes have been defined in your app. Then, using the Link and Redirect components from Passage will honor the HTML5 history API if the route is within your app, otherwise falling back to other means such as anchor tags or location redirects.


A small collection of useful hooks for React 16.7.


React Conf 2018

If you missed React Conf, here's the full playlist of all the talks.

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