React Newsletter #131

Using the React DevTools Profiler to Diagnose React App Performance Issues, React interview questions, and how to create PDFs from React components


Using the React DevTools Profiler to Diagnose React App Performance Issues

The latest version of the React DevTools (released on Aug 23) offers a powerful new tool to detect and diagnose performance issues in your React app: the new Profiler tab! This post describes how Netlify recently used the Profiler to quickly diagnose and fix a known and long-standing performance issue in the clientside display of their server logs on

React Interview Questions

Have an interview related to React coming up? Here are some questions (and answers) you should know.


How to create PDFs from React components

If you have ever dealt with a B2B dashboard app, you know that businesses love reports in pdf format. This tutorial will show you how to create PDFs from React Components using a client side only solution.

Dynamic App Themes with CSS Variables and JavaScript 🎨

In this post Mike discusses his approach for creating a dynamic theme loader in a web app. He’ll talk a little bit about react, create-react-app, portals, sass, css variables and other fun things.



Toolkit for building composable, accessible and reliable UIs with React.


Refract is a new framework by FanDuel. Refract solves the problem of side-effects in React apps, letting developers write pure, side-effect-free data flows, isolating the impure code into a simple yet powerful abstraction built on top of reactive programming.


Truncate strings like butter

The best API is no API — introducing React Remote Redux

Remote Redux moves part of your store to the server so you don’t have to create an API or bindings.


Hot Garbage Clean Code is Dead

The Code is rising up to enslave us. An army of linter-plugins have given it a voice and it's angry. Clean code isn't the goal, its the enemy. Great code isn't clean, it's hot garbage—hot-swappable and easy to throw out. Code is a means to an end. When we stop fetishizing code and start fighting it, we've found the right enemy and we can get back to to the good work of serving customers.

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