React Newsletter #127

React v16.4.2, Why Discord is sticking with React Native, Setup your own WEbpack 4 config for React with Typescript


React v16.4.2: Server-side vulnerability fix

The React team discovered a minor vulnerability that might affect some apps using ReactDOMServer. They are releasing a patch version for every affected React minor release so that you can upgrade with no friction.


Why Discord is Sticking with React Native

React Native has been in the news a lot lately. This post is by the Discord engineering team on what they've learned about React Native and why they're sticking with it.


Setup your own Webpack 4 config for React with Typescript

Webpack has become one of the most important tools for modern web development and yet, it is a blackbox to many developers. In this tutorial, you'll setup your own basic Webpack 4 configuration from scratch for React with Typescript.

Implementing Search in GraphQL

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement GraphQL search in a React Application using AWS AppSync & React Apollo.


React Native at Airbnb with Gabriel Peal

After two years with React Native, the engineering management at Airbnb came to the conclusion to stop using it. Gabriel Peal is an engineer at Airbnb who was part of the decision to move off of React Native. In this podcast he talks about why that decision was made.


A React component to zoom images on hover.


Canner is a universal Content Management System (CMS) framework that allows you to build CMS in React JSX(XML-like) for Firebase, GraphQL, Restful API, Prisma. In other words, an agnostic CMS framework for any applications and data sources.

elmcrest-game: A turn-based RPG made with JavaScript

Elmcrest is a WIP turn-based role-playing game made with React and Redux. It features a procedurally generated world, text events, affix-based items and inventory system, WebGL weather effects, combat, and much more. It's not a full game (yet), but all sources are available on GitHub.


Chain React 2018: The State of React Native

React Native has been around for almost 5 years and has helped many developers build amazing Mobile Applications. In this talk, you'll look at the current state of React Native with a whirlwind tool of its internals. You'll also look at the upcoming changes in the architecture and how it plays well with React Fiber.

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