React Newsletter #125

WTF is 'this', the perils of of using a common Redux anti-pattern, building ChatBots with React & AWS


WTF is this - Understanding the this keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript

One of the most misunderstood aspects of JavaScript (and therefore React) is the "this" keyword. In this post, you’ll learn four rules for figuring out what the this keyword is referencing. Implicit Binding, Explicit Binding, the new binding, and the window binding. In covering these techniques you’ll also learn some other confusing parts of JavaScript as well like .call, .apply, .bind, and the new keyword.

The Perils of Using a Common Redux Anti-Pattern

In this post, Steven shares one of the most common pitfalls associated with Redux and how to best recognize and avoid it. Avoiding this common pitfall will help you produce complex, maintainable applications faster.


Building ChatBots with React & AWS

In this tutorial you'll learn to leverage AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, & Amazon Lex to build a functioning chatbot.

Using React Context in a TypeScript App

This article covers everything you'll need in order to use React's new context API in a TypeScript App


Cheat Sheet: Functional Programming with JavaScript

JavaScript developers, here’s a handy resource for your reference stack. This cheat sheet structures some of the language features most commonly used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out!


react-values: A set of tiny React components for handling state with render props.

react-values gives you a set of simple, composable helpers that let you build more complex, stateful UI components like toggles, dropdowns, lists, checkbox groups, popovers, tooltips, you name it!


This is a working set of guidelines for developing React applications. We say "guideline" because there are no hard-and-fast rules; best practices, patterns and technology change over time, so we consider this a living set of style guides.

How to Learn React – Best Free Online Resources for Beginners | Blog

In this article, Bianka lists the best free online resources – including interactive tutorials and videos – to help you better understand the principles of React and practice your coding skills.


Reclare is a lightweight library to manage the application state alongside business logic, without compromising from the predictability of the state.


A powerful, customizable, img component that simulates a shimmer effect while the image is loading. (with zero dependencies!) Currently compatible with React, but RN compatibility is also on the way.


Ever needed a literal chessboard component? Well do I have great news for you. Chessboard.jsx is a customizable chessboard component that works as a standalone drag and drop chessboard on standard and touch devices.

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