React Newsletter #123

Styling in React with styled-components, a Swift developer's React Native experience, and building browser extensions with React


Styling in React with styled-components

The styling of your website or web application is an important part of creating a good user experience. You cannot just ship HTML and JavaScript and expect the app to look decent. When it comes to styling a React app, there are plenty of options to choose from. This post will walk through using Styled Components to style your React app.

A Swift Developer’s React Native Experience

The title says it all. Justin was primarily a Swift developer, now he writes a lot of React Native. These are his thoughts.

Should we use React Native?

The big news in the React Native world last week was that Airbnb published a lengthy, five-part blog post announcing and explaining their decision to stop using React Native and remove it from their codebase, in favor of a Swift/Obj-C/Java/Kotlin development that leverages new technology they are building for cross platform server rendering. Here are some thoughts from Expo who has invested a lot in React Native.


Building browser extensions with React

If you've ever wanted to use Create React App to build a browser extension, this is the post for you.

How to use React’s experimental new Profiler feature

React 16.4.0 was recently released and with it came React's new (obviously still a WIP) "unstable_Profiler" component. This article walks through why and how you can go about using it.


Free Online React Bootcamp

Here are the recordings and readings for the free, four day React bootcamp that took place last month.

Hacker News Redesigned

A redesigned Hacker News clone written with React and GraphQL.

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