React Newsletter #120

React's 5th birthday, Gatsby raises VC, and the architecture of a high performance GraphQL to SQL engine


Happy Birthday, React.

React turned 5 years old a few days ago. When I first started this newsletter I remember how hard it was to get links every week. Now we could probably ship it daily and still have enough content. Congrats to everyone who has been involved in making React what it is today. I have a feeling I'll be sending out another message like this in another 5 years

Gatsby, the Open Source React-Based Static Site Generator, Gets Commercial Backing

Gatsby, our favorite React static site generator just raised a $3.8 million (🤯) seed round to make the Gatsby open-source ecosystem even more powerful.


Architecture of a high performance GraphQL to SQL engine

Hasura's data layer is a GraphQL engine for Postgres with blazing fast response times. The article describes various optimizations which make this possible.

The most important lessons I’ve learned after a year of working with React

In this article you’ll be covering some lessons Tomas learned from his personal experiences with React.


Getting started with ReasonML and React Native

React Native is rad. ReasonML is rad. Using them both together is, rad...der. In this post Mateusz walks through how to get started using them both together.


Reach Router - Next Generation Routing for React

Reach Router is a new router for React created by one of the original creators of React Router, Ryan Florence. With a focus on accessibility, relative routes, intelligent route ranking, and a simple, intuitive API, it's worth your time checking out.


Smooth UI is an open source components library built with React and Styled Components. It is focused on developer experience and accessibility. With Smooth UI, it is easy to design beautiful websites and applications.


React Suspense

In this talk, Andrew Clark of the React team talks about Async rendering. Async rendering in React gives us a powerful new set of primitives for addressing longstanding problems in UI development. I'll discuss React's vision for how async rendering can improve data fetching, code delivery, prefetching, view transitions, and more.

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