React Newsletter #12

How to test React components using Karma and webpack, JSX Looks Like An Abomination, and The End of Global CSS


How to test React components using Karma and webpack

How to test your React components is a very common question amongst beginners and intermediate React developers alike. In this post, Nicolas walks through using Karma and Webpack to implement testing into your workflow.

JSX Looks Like An Abomination

If you're just starting out, face it, you probably don't like JSX. If you've been doing React for more than a week, you love JSX. In this article Eric describes why JSX is 'like a healthy vegetable that tastes like decadent chocolate. You feel guilty, but it's good for you'.

The End of Global CSS

If you've ever used CSS, you know it can be pretty brutal on the global namespace. In this post Mark walks through using Webpack to make your CSS more maintainable and to finally fix CSS (or at least improve it).

The Evolution of Flux Frameworks

In this post, Dan walks through the history of creating apps with Flux and how there are some low hanging fruit to make the process better. He goes on to explain how Flux implementations are evolving past what the original implementation was. If you're using Flux and want some ideas to improve the process, check out this post.


Adding authentication to your React Flux app

Curious how to add authentication to your Flux app? In this post Martin walks through the process while also including some nice visuals to help you understand the process.

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