React Newsletter #113

Optimizing React: Virtual DOM explained, building serverless React GraphQL applications, and building an SSR app with Preact, Unistore and Preact Router


Optimizing React: Virtual DOM explained

In this thorough beginner-friendly introduction to framework’s internals, you'll learn to demystify JSX, how React makes rendering decisions, how to find bottlenecks, and some tips to avoid common mistakes.

Building Serverless React GraphQL Applications with AWS AppSync

Even though GraphQL has gained a lot of popularity over the past year, building the backend for a GraphQL API can be a major pain and a source of confusion for developers new to the ecosystem. In this post, you’ll look at how to create a new AppSync GraphQL API & connect it to a React application. You’ll also add mutations, queries, and subscriptions to the application to make the data real-time.


Build a SSR App With Preact, Unistore and Preact Router

In this tutorial, you'll explore how to build a server-side rendered app with Preact. preact-router will be used for routing, unistore for state management and Webpack for JS bundling.

How to Add Touch ID to Your React Native App

Ever wonder how to add touch id to your React Native app? Wonder no more. This article breaks it down.


Spectrum goes Open Source!

If you've ever wondered what a production GraphQL/React app looks like, here's your answer. Spectrum just open sourced all their code.


A simple stopwatch component built on React.

redux-beacon: Analytics integration for Redux and ngrx/store

If you're using Redux or ngrx/store to manage your app's state, you can use Redux Beacon to tap into your dispatched actions and map them to events that are consumable by an analytics service (e.g. Google Analytics). With Redux Beacon your entire global state life-cycle becomes trackable.


Building Modern Media Experiences in React Apps

70% of the internet is made up of videos & audios In this talk, you will learn everything you need to know about playback controls, offline media, image & video optimization and transformation, pre-loading, deep learning with Images, audio & improving web performance by using the right tools while dealing with media assets in your react apps.

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