React Newsletter #110

New and exciting things about React 16, replacing Redux with the new React context API, and dynamic transitions with react-routerand react-transition-group


React 16 - Fiber and Beyond

In the past few years React has become a mainstay in the front end development community and React 16 has more to offer than ever. This week on the Web Platform podcast they chat with Andrew Clark of the React core team about some of React’s history as well as some of the new exciting things in React 16 and beyond.

Replacing Redux with the new React context API

The new context API that comes with React 16.3 is pretty neat. It was built in the render props style trending over these last months. In this post, you'll learn all about it.

Dynamic transitions with react-router and react-transition-group

React-router and react-transition-group are two widely used libraries that can be combined to create transitions between routes. In this post, you'll learn how to use them together.


How GraphQL Replaces Redux

“What?!”, you say. “GraphQL is a server side query language. Redux is a client-side state management library. How could one replace the other?” Good question. Read this post to find out.

A Comprehensive Guide to learning React.js in 2018

This is the original guide for learning to build apps with React.js. Recently upgraded to support React 16.3 and friends.

Understanding React Higher-Order Components by Example

In this tutorial you'll cover the concepts needed to build your own higher-order components (HOC). You'll implement a HOC to save React state to localStorage, called withStorage, that will allow you to inject the functionality into components without needing to duplicate the logic across your entire application.

React Authentication in Depth

In this post, you’ll walk through how to implement real world user sign up and sign in with two factor authentication along with a routing and an authentication flow in a React web application.


Getting Started with Kendo UI and React: Video Tutorial

In this engaging video course, you will learn how to quickly start working with the Kendo UI library for React, how to implement and customize components, and how to take advantage of the powerful React UI components available in Kendo UI. Watch now.

Use React with Drupal for amazing projects

Drupal is an API-first CMS with endless flexibility to define robust content workflows and great editorial experiences. Learn how to use Drupal with React from these free resources.



A lodash-inspired lens-like library for Javascript. Immutable state updates have never looked this good


Heres how React's New Context API Works

Here is a quick video explaining how React’s new context API works.

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