React Newsletter #108

Beyond React 16, a first look at Async React + Apollo, A walkthrough of *that* React suspense demo


Sneak Peek: Beyond React 16

Dan Abramov of the React team just spoke at JSConf Iceland 2018 with a preview of some new features they've been working on in React. The talk opens with a question: “With vast differences in computing power and network speed, how do we deliver the best user experience for everyone?”


A first look at Async React + Apollo

With the speed of Apollo, the Apollo team (get it?) has already started working on the new async React with Apollo. This article dives into the details.

A Walkthrough of that React Suspense Demo

In this walkthrough of the 300ish line Movie Search demo, we learn the various aspects of the new React Suspense API.


The Future of JavaScript: 2018 and Beyond (Whitepaper)

What is the state of the JavaScript ecosystem? This whitepaper offers our future-looking analysis and predictions about the latest in JavaScript. We also look back at all the craziness from 2017 and neatly tie it together with a bow. Download now.


Bringing Together React, D3, And Their Ecosystem

React and D3.js are designed with goals that sometimes collide, and making them work together is a challenge. Learn how you can approach building React projects that need the powerful charting goodness of D3. You will discover different techniques and how to choose the best library for your needs in your main work and side projects.

How to package your React Component for distribution via NPM

Ever want to publish a React component to NPM? This article will save you some time.

8 React conditional rendering methods

JSX is a powerful extension to JavaScript that allows us to define UI components. But it doesn’t support loops or conditional expressions directly. If you want to iterate over a list to render more than one component or implement some conditional logic, you have to use pure Javascript. You don’t have a lot of options with looping either. But conditional expressions? That’s another story.

Didact Fiber: Incremental reconciliation – Hexacta Engineering

I've really enjoyed this series on building your own React. This post covers incremental reconciliation.

Protected routes and Authentication with React and Node.js

In this tutorial you'll quickly implement the basic authentication flow using JSON Web Tokens that a Strapi API provides but also, (which might be more interesting) how to use authentication providers (Facebook, GitHub, Google…) with Strapi to authenticate your users.


Starter Kit with React, Next.js and Styled Components

Use Styled Starter to get a React project up and running quickly with Server-Side Rendering (thanks to Next.js) and a built-in design system (thanks to Styled Components with Styled System).

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