React Newsletter #104

React performance tips, React easy state, and state management with MobX state tree


React performance tips

React is awesome! it allows you to start building apps with ease, be it small and simple apps or big and complex apps. As applications evolve, it is only natural for requirements to do so as well and, in consequence, you will eventually need to boost some performance out of your app. There are some problems you might encounter and luckily for you it’s not hard! This post will break down those problems and help you with potential perf issues you may have in your React apps.

React Easy State

Easy State is a React state management library with no core philosophy - like functional programming or immutability - except for one thing. It aims to be as close to vanilla JavaScript as possible ... and it got pretty close. You can store your state in simple objects, which may be used and mutated in any way you want.

Fixing the "cannot GET /URL" error on Refresh with React Router

A very common error developers run into when building (and specifically refreshing) an app with React Router is 'Cannot GET /url'. In this post we'll look at why that error happens and what to do about it.


State Management with MobX State Tree

A very common question is "Should I use Redux or MobX?". If this is a question you're still trying to answer, this post should help.

Nested routes with React Router v4

React Router v4 introduced a new declarative, component based approach to routing. With that approach came some confusion around nested routes. In this post we’ll break down that confusion and you’ll learn how to nest routes with React Router.



react-contextual is a tiny store/hoc pattern around React 16's new context API.

React Lumines

The classic game - Lumines written in react!

GH PR Tree

Add a file tree to GitHub's Pull Request page with Tal Bereznitskey's React project!

Introducing React Scope

React applications grow in complexity, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of components, state, and props. Last month, a few developers and Tiffany Lin worked on building a solution to this problem. They decided to create React Scope, a Chrome extension that provides a hierarchical-tree view of a developer’s React app components.

Introducing URQL (beta), a Universal React Query Library

urql is a GraphQL client created in the hopes of simplifying the use of GraphQL in React.


Plugins for Draft.js and React to improve TextEditor capabilities.


Getting Started with Create React App

In this video Elijah Manor introduces the create-react-app CLI tool which allows you to quickly create and run a React applications with no configuration. Along the way, he look at each of the scripts that come with create-react-app and investigate various ways to keep your react-scripts up-to-date.

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