React Newsletter #1

The first issue of React Newsletter. React for stupid people, dependency injection in React, and sites built with React.js


ReactJS For Stupid People

Whenever you start learning a new language/framework/library you go through a phase of 'Am I stupid, or is this just hard?'. In this post Andrew addresses some fundamental aspects of React that he wish someone had told him when he first started with React.

React Dependency Injection

Read along as Merrick experiments with making React more testable by doing away with the normal singleton approach pattern of creating React applications.

ReactJS in Java Hello World

Arian walks through his approach for leveraging Java's embedded JavaScript run time to be able to run React inside his Java Application.


Build with React JS

If you're just starting out with React, Build with React is a fantastic place to start. Paul has built a list of tutorials ranging from JSX and Events to Optimization and (eventually) diving into React source code.

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